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Join as a Participant

2 Days  |  € 685,– 

You have to apply to be a participant and Ivana will handpick who will join. It is expected that participants have a good understanding of the Chubbuck technique and Ivana’s book, ‘The Power of The Actor’. The selected participants will work on the floor in pairs on a scene picked by Ivana, which they have to prepare beforehand, in accordance with the 12-step technique explained in her bestseller. Additionally, participants will need to rehearse with their scene partner (to be announced latest on Oct 8th 2022) a minimum of 6 to 8 hours before the Masterclass, and also 3 to 4 hours at the end of the first day, Saturday. You are in for a life-changing experience!

To become a participant, please apply by sending your motivational letter, CV, headshots, URL-link to your showreel and phone number to: 

Price to participate: 685 €
Deadline to apply: Sept 16th 2022
Deadline for payment: 14 days after being accepted
NOTE: Participants meet Saturday 8:45, ready with props to perform their scene.

Props, costume etc. is each person’s own responsibility. 
Actors chosen to participate will be notified at the latest by Sept 20th 2022

When: October 15th and October 16th 

Times: Saturday (9:00 - 18:30) and Sunday (8:30 - 17:00)

The Masterclass ends with a Q&A session for both participants and observers, followed by photo & book signing opportunities. 

Where: Metropol Theater München 

* You must be min. 18 years old to attend the workshop, both as participant and active auditor

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